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Kylie Jenner Mexico

You Don't Want to Hit the Mexican Beaches Without This Bikini from Kylie's Closet!

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Recently, we saw our favorite beauty goddess Kylie flaunting her curves in an olive green scallop bikini and a look we would love to rock this summer. Be it pool parties or beach wear, this trend has come to stay all summers. She has been showcasing her racy bikini on snap chat and other social media too. And we love all the womanly curves that are highlighted.

What is Kylie Jenner wearing?
She is wearing an olive green bikini with cutout design at the edge known as scallop. The olive green color really flatters her skin tone and makes her golden glow more radiant.

Where did she wear it?
She wore this stylish outfit in Mexico. It is a part of the four bikinis she wore during her Mexican vacation.

Who does it look good on?
It looks good on darker skin tones since Olive really flatters skin with golden undertones.
As far as body types are concerned, this will look good on a diverse range of people. You can wear it if you are skinny and athletic as well as if you are curvy. But make sure you are comfortable with your tummy since bikini of this design exposes your tummy.

Where to buy it from?
MARYSIA specializes in scallop bikinis which they make in a wide range of color and cut. Kylie's bikini is from the same brand and is available over a range of websites.

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