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70 Latest Tramp Stamp Tattoo Designs for All Who Like a Sexy Back

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What is tramp stamp tattoo?.
Many of us have thought of getting a lower back tattoo at least once in our lives since they are really stylish and many of them add an illusion of shape to your waist. These lower back tattoos have many names, one of them being tramp stamp while others include "bulls eye" and "target" and are usually popular among women though some men sport it too.
Lower back is a great place for a tattoo since it can easily be hidden by suitable clothing in conservative environment and you just need a low waist jeans and a crop top to show off your stylish tattoo.
They are seen as modern and stylish by the society and you just need to show off this tattoo to heighten your style statement and they got high amount of feminine appeal.

Now when it comes to designs for tramp stamp tattoos, there are plenty of options. You can get a bit bold since these tattoos are easy to cover up or you can stay minimalistic. The most common feminine designs include roses and butterflies which can be minimalistic as well as bold. You can also go for abstract and modern designs for a stylish look. Quotes are another way to personalise your tattoo.
Keep reading to know more about these tattoos and here are 70 amazing tramp stamp tattoos which have been chosen by the experts to give you a great insight into the world of tramp stamp tattoo designs.

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