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30 Wedding Updos From Instagram

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Best Wedding Updos of 2017 from instagram

“Nothing is permanent except for change” is a famous quote by Heraclitus. So why not do something different this wedding season? No, I’m not asking you to splurge on clothes that you already own. Even in the Youtube beauty culture, most of the “Prom look” or “Wedding Look” videos stress upon how to do your eyes or what foundation you would need. And what about the most beautiful feature that all of us tend to forget? I’m talking about your hair. Well, it’s easy to style if you practice a bit or else if you go to a stylist, then life’s even easier.
So instead of going with the flow, let’s be more creative with hair updos this wedding season. Updos are not only a hairstyle but also a mood reflector. Careless? Go for the Messy Updo! Formal? Go for the Wavy updo! Punk? Go for the Highlighted or Black Updo! You have so many varieties to choose from. And the best part? You can convert many basic hairstyles into hair updos for weddings like Fishtail, Dutch Braids or just a simple Braid!.
So, after hours of research, I’ve carefully curated pictures for the 30 Best Wedding Updos for 2017 from Instagram, just to show you the wonders, you can do with these bridal hairstyles and bridesmaid hairstyles! Why wait? Scroll down to see the 30 most beautiful wedding updos, waiting to be adorned and you just might find the perfect one for you!.

Messy Hair Updo Hairstyles
Hairstyle for indian bride for indian wedding

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